flutesplit2June 2021
At the moment I am taking flute lessons on a more regular basis. Due to the various lockdowns, no lessons were possible for a long period of time and I had the feeling that I wasn't really making any progress.

mai21einsMay 2021
I do want to buy a transverse flute! Well, it doesn't have to be a new model. But it should have ring keys and a silver headjoint. But I am not particulary interestet in the brand.

IMG 20210409 125426April 2021
A whole month without a Sunday morning walk to the oak tree. Either the weather is not suitable, it often rains or it's windy. Then again the compensatory time falls victim to the staff shortage in care work. The days off are cancelled.

EicheMarch 2021
I have devised a new, very rare Sunday morning ritual. After getting up, after doing my yoga exercises and meditation, before having breakfast, the transverse flute and I walk for about half an hour to the lonely oak tree. It doesn't matter if it's a bit colder, gloves do the job. The main thing is that the sun is shining.

FlötenständerFebruary 2021
To top off the craziness, (remember, we're in Corona times, so you're kindly forgiven for a lot of things), more L.I.P.s were made. (Lockdown insanity preventions). I stole the term from Emily Beynon, principal flute of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

JanWinterJanuary 2021
Now that all of life is shutting down again, a lot of crazy thoughts are popping up. Should I buy a new flute, or a second-hand one of higher quality? I am very sympathetic to a flute that has ring keys. But the longer I play on a flute with closed keys, the harder it will probably be for me to switch to one with open keys.

Dez1 20December 2020
There are no more lessons from now on. Neither piano nor flute lessons. The numbers of people infected or ill with Corona and those in quarantine are increasing from week to week.

Nov1 20November 2020
I take the flute to refit. The flute maker judges the flute to be quite okay for a beginner. He took it apart, cleaned it, oiled the hinges, replaced a pad, readjusted it and adjusted the tuning cork.

Floete 2October 2020
I like the flute more each day.
I practise my three notes. I've got into a fixed practising routine because of the piano lessons. I just miss it when I don't have time for it.

BankSeptember 2020
I started taking piano lessons at the age of 54. It had been a life's dream to learn how to play the piano.
Now I start to learn how to play a flute. This is the story of my first lesson and what happend afterwards.